How did i reduce my weight with this simple tips!

Okay! So it ain’t a rocket science i must say. You need a lot of hardwork to reduce those extra sloppy, ugly & saggy fats in you. PANIC? No you did not do that but just follow some tips which helped me to lose those extra pounds i was carrying. I’ll be sharing you my experience on how i lost 33 Kgs in 2 years. Yes that’s too much long term result, but as one says slow & steady wins the race. The winning part is that i have’nt used any medium of weight training exercise’s one does in the gym after spending that hefty amount of money & getting no results in the end. Would you do that when you yourself can get healthy & fit at your home by just following some simple tips ? So here’s the thing, some relevant tips i started incorporating in myself & became a little conscious, beacause c’mon everyone dream’s to have that perfect healthy & fit body & when you see your transformed version of yourself in the mirror you feel proud as well as glad for looking so beautiful you 🙂


  • GREEN TEA – Yes! It works wonders. It’s fully loaded with antioxidants & nutrients. It’s a great source of weight loss. It also helps you to fight cancer as well as brings glow to your skin.Try to choose a higher quality brand of green tea, because some of the lower quality brands can contain excessive levels of fluoride. I always go for a cup of either Lipton Green Tea or Tetley ( Ginger & Honey ) in the morning. If you don’t like green tea then you can replace it with a Glass of lukewarm water + 1 tspn Honey + some drops of Lemon Juice. This too works out for good results.
  • CEREALS – Throughout the day i keep the formula in my mind of having large breakfast & lunch and small dinner. It’s the key in keeping you energised for the whole day. “Lunching like a prince and dining like a pauper really IS the key to keeping trim.” That’s so valid. I started with having cereals in the morning which are maily carbs & proteins. Foods Like: Wholegrains , Cornflakes + Milk (cow) , Muthiya , Rava Upma or Oats Upma , Oatmeal , Poha , Sprouts , Idli , Uttapam , Egg Albumin or Egg White (if nonvegetarian) + 2 slices of toast bread. Any food one can have based on the indian style. These all things were made in less oil. And a glass of any citrus fruit juice to energise your immune system.
  • LUNCH – Always eat your food in breaks or intervals. Do not eat full three meals but eat in 1-2 hours, this will make your immunity still. In lunch you can have 2 thin Roti (without ghee), any green leafy vegetable sabji or pulses , a plate of salad , a glass of buttermilk or curd , Dal or any vegetable soup. At evening you can have mamra , popcorn , khakhra etc. or any fruit.
  • DINNER – In dinner have light food. Try to avoid carbs at night this will make you reduce weight fast & too quick. You can have a glass of milk , a plate of salad , boiled egg , any fruit juice or vegetable juice.
  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER –  Keeping body hydrated is neccesary. Atleast drink 7-8 glasses of water in a day. It helps in detoxification of the body as well as brings glow to your skin.
  • DAILY 1 HOUR OF ANY CARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE – Go for a walk. Brisk walk gives better & quick results. You can do Yoga , Running , Swimming , Dancing , Stretching , Skipping etc. Any exercise which makes you sweat & burn calories.
  • MEDITATE – Yes! Meditation keeps your mind controlled from having sudden craves for delicious foods. It helps you keep a positive mind as well helps in  good digestion.
  • KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Keeping a positive attitude helps you to stay fit & healthy!